Air-Cooled Porsches at Autobahn

Bringing together Porsche owners and enthusiasts might be the simplest event to host on the planet. Most (if not all) Porsche owners simply love to drive their cars, regardless of the distance, conditions, or time of day. It seems like an inherent trait bestowed upon all Porsche owners, and one we admire deeply.

Sure, some untouched/low-mileage 911s are out there, which are great for collectors. This wasn’t that kind of event, and despite food and drinks being available to everyone who attended, it wasn’t the selling point. Can you guess what it was?

Just as the tarmac of the Autobahn’s private track began cooling off, Air-Cooled owners were invited to drive their sports cars around the North track for some casual laps. This private event took place at the Autobahn Country Club and was hosted by the organizers of Checked It Out, in addition to Napleton Westmont Porsche.

DK Collective member and Porsche Pro at Napleton Westmont Porsche, and GTS owner Paul Bilek, captured the essence of the Air-cooled at Autobahn event, which you can see for yourself in the gallery below.

This post contains original work by Paul Bilek and Only1Schu Creative. For inquiries on downloads or prints, please contact us directly. Special thanks to Checked It Out for putting together another incredible and exclusive Porsche event, and the Autobahn Country Club for hosting.