IMSA at Road America 2023

Two Road America (RA) veterans spent their weekends in Elk Hart Lake, WI, to catch a special race this summer. Regardless of whether it was our first or 100th time at RA , it was IMSA weekend, and there wasn’t a chance in hell we were going to miss it!

Unlike the casual fan, these two guys don’t just stop by to check out the rocketships (aka prototypes) or even the GT cars. They’re there for the weekend. They camp. They hang. All while hardly having a chance to pull their fingers off the trigger. In fact, you can find them shooting the buzzing pack of Miata’s through Canada Corner, along with everything else.

Much like the masses of sportscar fans at RA, we rinsed off a layer of dirt from our hands, removed the scent of petrol from our clothes, and curated a gallery of our favorite images from the weekend. All for you to see below.

This post contains original work by Jason McDonald (who has seen IMSA at Road America for 30+ years), Matt Ciara (has not missed this weekend 9 years running), and Only1Schu Creative. For inquiries on downloads or prints, please get in touch with us directly. Special thanks to our friends, Mikey Taylor, piloting the RS3 wearing number 17 in TCR, Tyler Hoffman in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, and all the staff at the track who did a phenomenal job that weekend.